Back up my Twitter!

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This will fully back up your Twitter account, including all media, and turn it into a searchable and hosted live archive that looks like this. We will also keep that archive up-to-date for you.

Also, you can download all your data at any time.

How does this work?

After you connect your Twitter account using the button above, we will back up your Twitter and send you an email with a link to your profile when it’s done. This process typically takes around 30 minutes for several thousand tweets.

Your archive will include all your tweets and media you shared, as well as the like, retweet and reply count for each tweet.

Why not just use Twitter’s built-in Export?

Twitter's export is a static snapshot. This tool creates a live archive of your content. It’s shareable and will always stay up to date.

This ToolTwitter’s built-in Export
All your Tweets
Searchable Archive
Online & Shareable
Auto updating
Waiting Time30-60 MinutesDays

Why did we build this?

We built this for the same reason we built Authory — we believe in the value of the content you create, whether it’s on Twitter or elsewhere. And we want to enable you to take back control of your content. You can read more about our commitment to ownership here.

Is this free?


If you like this, do show it to your friends. Here is a pre-prepared tweet.

If you’d like to back up any other content from other platforms, consider creating an Authory account. Helping people to take back control of their content is what we do for a living.

Is there an API?


Please take a look at the example here. You can also download all your data as JSON at any time.

Are there any limitations?

We currently do not export tweets you reply to, a list of your followers, your retweets, or your liked tweets. We can not back up private profiles.

Also, we currently limit the initial backup to 10,000 past tweets. If you’d like to back up more, please reach out.

I have a question

Feel free to send us an email!